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What Is Art

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

August 2014

Ten years ago, while healing from a severe hiking accident, I began giving voice to a book The heartist’s Secret: A Memoir (now available through I wish I had posted earlier WHAT IS ART, a kind of manifesto; here it is now.

Art is my heart speaking

Art is celebrating the beauty of creation

Art is mourning what is being lost

Art is speaking for the ones who cannot speak

Art is listening for the voice of silence

Art is living my truth

Art is opening my heart

Art is capturing the moment's potency

Art is digging for verity

Art is connecting the dots

Art is breaking things apart

Art is writing the new story

Art is stirring the pot

Art is touching people's hearts

Art is facing things as they are

Art is posing questions no one dares ask

Art is remembering the question

Art is simplifying complexity

Art is rejoicing in diversity

Art is stepping in and... stepping out

Art is challenging my heart

Art is linking arms

Art is seeing relationship

Art is sensing the sacred

Art is igniting a spark

Art is gathering smiles

Art is looking through your eyes

Art is touching people's hearts

Art is wearing lenses of compassion

Art is having the courage to say No

Art is closing doors, opening more

Art is planting seeds of Beauty

Art is unfolding the Great Mystery

Art is inspiring more art

Art is hearing the call of the heart

Art is imagining what is possible

Art is re-envisioning relationships

Art is seeking my own voice

Art is leaping without looking

Art is acting in sympathy

Art is weaving the web of Oneness

Art is touching people's hearts

Art is stopping for a while

Art is flowing into aliveness

Art is understanding responsibility

Art is accepting what cannot be changed

Art is making the invisible visible

Art is walking in people's shoes

Art is challenging my heart

Art is leaving the ivory tower

Art is building an interior castle

Art is going down to the street

Art is speaking for the river

Art is engaging community

Art is revolutionizing the heart

Art is touching people's hearts

Art is healing life

Art is treading a timeless path

Art is questing on a path not yet drawn

Art is walking the field of “I'll meet you there”

Art is practicing the aesthetics of every day

Art is turning life into a work of art

Art is hearing the call of the heart

Art is looking into Life's face

​Art is reweaving the broken threads

Art is sowing seeds for a future

Art is knowing the world

Art is serving the Earth

Art is learning from Her intelligence

Art is listening to Her heart

Art is falling for things and beings

Art is letting them call

Art is jumping on board

Art is seeing big, starting small

Art is making it simple

Art is stepping one foot at a time

Art is touching people's hearts

Art is penetrating density

Art is initiating bold acts

Art is making lines of all kinds

Art is finding patterns that match

Art is bringing rituals into being

Art is choreographing a new dance

Art is minding the universal heart

Art is hastening slowly

Art is discovering “inner necessity”

Art is riding the wave of change

Art is showing up in myriad ways

Art is turning magician

Art is hearing with the whole being

Art is challenging my heart

Art is reinventing what has been forgotten

Art is manifesting what is missing

Art is making stuff up

Art is stirring the pot

Art is playing

Art is praying

Art is fulfilling destiny

Art is a verb

Thou art

I am

© Dominique Mazeaud, August 2014

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