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Here are a few links I would like to share with you.


ecoartspace,  a site containing a gallery of ecoartists and other ecological art resources,


The Center for Sustainable Practices in the Arts,

Selected websites about multiple artist projects focusing on art and ecology and/or eco-activist art, 


Bobbe Besold (Rivers Run Through Us, 2012-2020) &


Valerie Martinez (Rivers Run Through Us, 2012-2020) &


Julia White (Threads of Peace, 2007)


Vijali Hamilton (World Wheel, 1994, Japan)


Ichi Ikeda, water artist (Waterwatching, CCA, 1995) via


Ariyana Gibbon (Children for a Better World, San Diego, 1992)


Shannyn Sollitt (many collaborations until Shannyn’s death in 2016),   Choose Cranes for Peace

Donna Henes (Peace: Piece by Piece, 1987-1991)



Truth and Reconciliation Commission (South Africa),


The Sorry Books via the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies,


Deep Listening ™, a program of The Pauline Oliveros Foundation,

The Compassionate Listening Project (teaches skills for peacemaking),

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