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About dominique mazeaud

Born in France, I have lived in the United States since 1967 and in Santa Fe, New Mexico, since 1987. I began my artistic adventure in New York City. After ten happy years as gallery director, when I worked with the likes of Robert Motherwell and Isamu Noguchi, my quest for meaning in both life and art led me to realize more of my true self when I discovered my passion for the Earth and that my identity belonged to Spirit. Ever since then, it’s been a dance for Peace: Peace for Earth and Peace on Earth.

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A turning point was upon visiting the Rio Grande for the first time in 1986. Realizing the great river’s plight with drought and pollution, my heart broke open and, to my great surprise, overflowed into speaking as an artist's engaged action. Hence began my first ritual performance (and art pilgrimage), The Great Cleansing of the Rio Grande. Since then, it’s been an evolution into community projects, installations and now writing. 


My work in all forms reaches across art and the spiritual and celebrates the wonder of creation while mourning what has been lost or destroyed. My various projects and stories honor a deep reconnection with the wondrous miracle that is our planet, and the way Nature can expand our understanding of life to include more of the infinite circle that is the Universe. The many performances portrayed here and in the book illustrate how each of us can transform our understanding into moment-by-moment activity that will slowly heal the damage humans have inflicted on Mother Earth and all her living beings, including ourselves.  


For me, all work—performing, curating, writing, lecturing, teaching, collaborating with other artists—is informed by revelation, not education. The goal of art is to reconnect both artist and audience with their essence. I believe essence is Spirit. If Spirit didn’t live in everyone, art couldn’t exist. When I do art for the Earth, I listen, I listen deeply. I become aware of different voices, and I marvel at the diversity of tones chiming through. When others join me in ritual and pilgrimage, we all create the ultimate Earth song, a key to our survival.

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