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Forgiveness, Key to Peace

Sohozat, West Broadway, New York City, April 7 to 14, 1987

When you are on a quest, you are the first one to be surprised. My beginning in art was as director of a respected New York tapestry gallery. Still happy to support artists after thirteen years, it was revealed to me that I was one myself! Soon afterward, I was invited by Susan Kleckner to participate in "Windowpeace." For this one-year performance, 52 women artists were invited to work, live and sleep in a storefront window, the theme was to be peace. Susan knew I was interested in peace (I had actually been researching for a book on the subject, Peace: Piece by Piece with Donna Henes.) In fact, Susan had invited me the year before, but writing was my performance of choice then. After that life-changing revelation, it seemed absolutely perfect! (Synchronicity.)

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On the window, a photograph of the Black Madonna of Poland is next to the performance title. In the 8 x 5 space, I had brought the main tools of my 'life studio': an old typewriter, the Mexican wedding gown of my now-defunct marriage transformed into a charged ritual ribbon-a Marian ceremonial huipil on the wall testifying to my then-current curatorial interests (The Meeting of the Black Madonnas.) Intrigued passersby would come in and visit the artist in the window. I judge the success of my vigil, a listening piece, by the profound stories, occasional confessions, even prayers I heard and witnessed…


I dedicate this page to Thelma and to the young homeless man from Chicago.

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