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About Synchronicity, Weaving, Listening


When I lecture, I often refer to synchronicity as my best critic!

In art, I have not followed any particular directive, movement, or teacher. The same thing can be said of my spiritual path. I simply trust an energy that makes me do things I once would have not have believed if foretold! As a gallerist, sending press releases was the way. As an artist that’s what I naturally began to do. The press releases of ‘The Great Cleansing of the Rio Grande’ were stopped altogether within a year of this first seven-year performance, and communicating with the press has hardly been a priority since then. How do I know I am on the right path?”

Synchronicities are the signals that power is working to produce effects far beyond the normal bounds of probability. In fact, watch for the frequency of positive synchronicities as a king of a homing beacon analogous to a radio directional signal to indicate that the right procedures and methods are being employed.

 — Michael Harner



Prayers are threads and weaving is the birth of light.

 — José Lezama Lima



… a devout Attention, or the Listening Self… But the self-creation of the Listening Self is mysterious. I don’t know how it is done… Always a word or a sound ahead of me, open, expectant, as if the creation of a poem has more to do with this listening than with the language that follows it. I believe I love the Listening Self more than the speaking self. I think the Listening Self is the most I know of God.

 — Victoria Edwards Tester, Miracles of Sainted Earth


Weaving and Listening
Like the human ear, the spiral endorses the primordial sound.

 — René Guenon

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