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Route 33: The Magic Road
A pilgrimage (2004 - ongoing)

Route 33: The Magic Road is a road etched in the imagination of its travelers. The name may echo "Route 66: The Historic Road." Yet, it is a different kind of road, a road that travel in circles within a state, a road that may cover the same distance (2400 miles), but one that wants to get inside a place. Route 33: The Magic Road, a pilgrimage, will take this first traveler to every county of New Mexico, 33 in all.

What does an art pilgrim do? 
Listening is the medium of choice, listening deeply to the people I meet. As a weaver, the connections I make are the bells of Indra's net*. As a seeker of peace, I gear the conversation toward the passion driving my life, "What is peace?"

What do I expect to come out of Route 33: The Magic Road? As a pilgrim, I look forward to a certain destination. This is human. The truth is that what the form will be I don't absolutely know, except I intend it to be an adventure of the spirit. My steps will connect people all over the State. The result may be a book of stories and photos, maybe a deck of cards—a great 
weaving of some kind, a road map of a State's heart?

* In the Hindu myth, the god Indra once wove a net to encompass the world, and at each knot fastened a bell. Thus nothing could stir-not a person, not a leaf on a tree, not a single emotion-without ringing a bell, which would, in turn, set all the others to ringing.

— Gregg Levoy

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