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Everyone has rituals. Some people may think of their rituals simply as habits, but if you focus on the materials of your habits you will realize that the habits are rituals.

The love for the materials, like the shoes, the context of the materials, or the caring for the materials will show that there is a ritual in the habit.


No matter what you do, whether you do it “right” or “wrong,” it will be sufficient as long as you do it with consciousness and in the best way that you know how, that is the natural of ritual.
                                — Robert A. Johnson

It is significant that the word rite comes from the same root as art and order. Like all real art, like the movements of sacred dances, ritual provides order, a pattern, a channel through which the energy of an event or a series of events can flow in an evolutionary process toward a larger meaning, or a new stage or level oflife. It offers us ways in which our transitions may be illuminated, helped to move up to consciousness instead of falling into accident and chaos: made to make sense. 

                                 — D. M.Dooling, The Spirit of Quest

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