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Updated: Apr 25

Photo by Marjorie Kamine 


Tears are grace that flow from pain

Tears are grace that release our joy


These sentences reflect my work from the beginning. Mourning. Celebrating. Sometimes both at the same time as in this fourth incarnation of my prayer vigil performance, Tears of the World


Why on Earth Day? 

  • We share our joy for the beauty of the Earth.

  • We bear our grief for the escalating wars on the Earth.


Whether environmentally-inclined work (The Great Cleansing of the Rio Grande and The Most Precious Jewel) or responding to war (Tears of the World for Iraq and last year for Ukraine or Yitzhak and Leila, the Romeo & Juliet of the Holy Land), my calling has been Pax Gaia. (Thomas Berry) It affirms the principle that a flourishing planet is not possible without a culture of peace.


It’s been hard for me to decide on a Tears of the World performance for Israel/Palestine. When I sought from Earth comfort about my pain, it became all clear and I received the strength I needed. On Earth Day, April 22nd, we are invited to recognize our bountiful and beautiful Earth by resolving the climate crisis while working for true peace.


Santa Fe friends, come by to help hold the bowl of tears (quite heavy when you think of the world’s grief, AND joy).  


With the Earth in my heart,



P.S. My book, The heartist's Secret/A Memoir, is still available through my website,

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