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The Point of Tears

A ritual performance with spoken word (2001 - 2006)

The Point of Tears, a participatory ritual, connects participants with a deep listening of the heart. In this work, the title comes from Albert Camus “ live to the point of tears...” I speak of tears of joy for the beauty of creation, tears of sorrow for the ills the Earth is suffering.

I am a pilgrim, two bundles hang from a walking stick resting on my shoulder. I wear a “Noh” mask. I set my bundles down very gently... I kneel and open the sack slowly... Inside are the symbols... a beaded globe... a pair of little red shoes adorned with wings.. I stand and address the people. “I stop here because I see a shrine inside everyone...”

I use little children's shoes in my work and give them different meanings like the dying and suffering of children through war, a child's innate concern, and caring for the Earth. Here, they relate to the latter as well as facilitate our reconnection with the child within.

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